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Sustainability Indicators

ODOT MOSAIC Least Cost Planning Tool has a number of good metrics, identified here:

ODOT Mosaic

Proposed metrics for performance measurement:

  • The CS report 2008
  • Also the white paper from ADD40(1)—”Return on Investment: Lessons for Transportation from Other Sectors”

FHWA has a pretty good sourcebook describing metrics and Indicators to Reduce GHG emissions:

FHWA Reference

The new NCHRP Report # 780 is a guidebook for performance measures related to sustainability:

Note: The CD-ROM included with this guidebook

contains an Excel-spreadsheet-based version of the performance measures compendium

located in Appendix B of the guidebook. The spreadsheet allows the existing measures to be

modified, and macros enable the user to generate and export a custom list of measures.

Instructions for using the spreadsheet are found in Appendix C.

US EPA Smart Growth (@EPAsmartgrowth) New Sustainable Communities Census Hot Report helps you assess your community's performance on sustainability indicators: