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To better serve our committee FRIENDS and keep them informed of committee activities we have have developed a simple listserve.  The listserve is open to the public but does require that you sign up to post.  For a list of official committee members you can here.

The list is moderated and to help with spam protection your post must come from the email address that is on the subscrption list.  If it does not, there may be a slight delay until the list moderator can review and approve it.

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Note: This is a closed list which means that people who are not subscribed are blocked from posting directly to the list

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The archive is open to the public for viewing and does not need a password or registration

ABJ30-Friends is the name of our FRIENDS mailing list.  The backbone software is called mailman.  The mailing list is maintained as a volunteer effort by Chris Parrinello who has it running on a personal server called Ed Christopher, acting on behalf of the Urban Data and Information Systems Committee is responsible for the policy direction (the rules) of the list. The content of the list is the responsibility of those who mail to it and use it.
ABJ30-Friends was created for and thrives on the input of its members (subscribers).  If you have an interest in the transportation aspects of data used regarding urban issues this list is for you.
If you are having problems subscribing, unsubscribing or posting messages, please contact Ed Christopher at: