What does the committee code "ABJ30" stand for?

"A" is for "Division A - Technical Activities"
The Technical Activities Division at TRB is responsible for committee and task force activities, the field visit program, the Annual Meeting, conferences and workshops, responses to inquiries in cooperation with Library and Information Services Division, and publications.

"B" is for "Group B - Policy and Organization"
Group B is one of ten groups in the Division A. The ten groups in the Technical Activities Council include:
  • AB000 - Policy and Organization Group
  • AD000 -  Planning and Environment Group
  • AF000 - Design and Construction Group
  • AH000 - Operations and Maintenance Group
  • AL000 - Legal Resources Group
  • AN000 - System Users Group
  • AP000 - Public Tranportation Group
  • AR000 - Rail Group
  • AT000 - Freight Systems Group
  • AV000 - Aviation Group

"J" is for "Section ABJ - Data and Information Systems Section"
Section ABJ is the family of committees and task forces related to transportation data, surveys, and statistical and spatial technologies. The other sections in Group B include: management and leadership (Section ABC); transportation policy (Section ABE); and research and education (Section ABG).

"30" is for "Standing Committee #ABJ30 - Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems"
There are thirteen standing committees and task forces in Section ABJ, including the standing committee on urban transportation data and information systems (ABJ30).